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MapMart Cloud™ Core Data Bundle

The MapMart Cloud™ Core Data Bundle is a compilation of U.S. and World data sets that provide complete access to frequently referenced, heavily used and valuable data. The Core Bundle includes access to eight different data types bundled at a significantly reduced cost. The data sets include:
  • Bing Maps – United States: Stream the comprehensive and highly –detailed imagery content from Bing directly into your current project.
  • Complete United States Color Imagery coverage: The USDA NAIP imagery from 2008-2011 has been corrected and blended to provide seamless color 1-meter coverage of the continental United States.
  • High-resolution City Imagery: MapMart has compiled high-resolution aerial coverage over all major US Cities and State Capitols. This provides a quick reference for the most heavily developed sites in the United States.
  • Full US NED (National Elevation Data): The Bundle also features full 10-meter coverage for the continental United States provide 3D detail suitable for the beginning stages of site selection , hydro modeling and watershed analysis.
  • Complete United States and Canadian Topographic Mapping (high, medium and low-detail): The USGS and Canadian Geological Survey maps are included as well to provide nearly full North American coverage at a variety of scales. (Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories are not included but are available separately.)
  • Full US Historical Imagery: The full MapMart GeoOrtho B&W set at 1-meter resolution is included in the bundle as well to assist in basic change detection from the early to mid 1990s.
  • World Elevation Data: Four complete world elevation data sets are included at staggered levels of detail. The most highly detailed data is at 90-meter post spacing all the way to a smooth 5-kilometer set complete with ocean depths.
    • SRTM Data - Created in 2011, the SRTM offers *complete landmass coverage for the world excluding the poles at ~90 meter spacing (*inherent gaps from the initial data collection exist over perpetually obscured sites – gap fill exists)
    • GTOPO30 Data - A full world data set at 1 kilometer post spacing created in 1996 covering all the world’s landmass, pole to pole.
    • ETOPO2 Data – A full world bundle data set complete with bathymetry values at 2 km resolution.
    • ETOPO5 Data – A smooth, global coverage map with ocean depth bathymetry at 5 kilometer spacing.

Premium Data

  • GeoEye EyeQ Imagery Services
  • Bing Maps World Coverage
  • Astrium SPOTMaps 2.5m World Imagery for select Countries
  • Harris Globe15
  • Harris CONUS 10 meter Data
  • Gap-filled 90-meter World SRTM Data
  • Collins European Vector Data
  • Collins World Vector Data
  • Delorme United States Vector Data
  • Delorme World Vector Data


MapMart Cloud™

MapMart Cloud provides users with immediate access to latest available imagery, including satellite, aerial, vector, and raster data sets. The WMS services can be loaded into any software that supports these services, or the data can be viewed with the MapMart Cloud Viewer.

MapMart Cloud™ Hosting

MapMart Cloud Hosting operates in a similar manner to the MapMart Cloud though it is much more customizable. Your company data can be hosted and accessed in the same manner as the WMS services from MapMart. New aerial imagery flight requests and more in-depth project management are possible using the MapMart Cloud Hosting system