What is a WMS?

A WMS, or Web Mapping Service, is an alternate way to view your data. The traditional method of utilizing GIS data and imagery was to ingest and store it locally for use on a single machine or small network. A WMS allows instant access to the data without having to download and store a local copy and also allows a use to share the data with anyone in the organization by the simple sharing of a WMS link. The premier GIS software packages (Esri, MapInfo Professional, Global Mapper, etc.) are all equipped to import and utilize WMS services.


What is a WFS?

A WFS, or Web Feature Service, is very similar to a WMS except that it allows the user to access attributes and information attached to the GIS layers. The WFS service is best suited for vector data such as road networks, parcel boundaries, demographics data, flood zones, and the like. A user can edit and analyze data within a WFS without having to store a copy locally. Edits and analyses can be easily shared within an organization and foster collaboration between groups and departments.


What is a WCS?

A WCS, or Web Coverage Service, is very similar to WMS except that user’s are allowed access to metadata and attributes for the raster layers. Copies and subsets of the rasters in the WCS are available for download at any time. The WCS service is best suited for aerial and satellite imagery, DEM and other elevation data, and other digital rasters such as topographic maps. The data can be shared easily within a group or department simply by sharing the service link.


Why would I want to use a Web Service?

Web services save users time and money and allow for greater collaboration on mapping projects. Web access is often immediate and so no time is spent waiting for processing, delivery and download of the data. Lack of download results in faster access as well as lower costs on storage and back-up of GIS and imagery data layers. The sharing of links allows multiple users working on the same projects to share updates dynamically. Mapping projects and information can also be shared with non-GIS users with a simple viewer and access to the services link. It also offers the security of seeing who is accessing your data services and when plus the ability to block access if need be.


What is the cost of the services?

The WMS services are based on the amount of usage. Services are offered either per click, or with unlimited usage per month or per year or based on the total area needed. Not all services are available in all varieties but there are plenty of ways to access the data affordably and to best fit your project budget and timeline.


Can I edit or digitize over the data in any of the services?

Yes, all of the services allow edits using the streaming data. The WMS (view-only) and WCS services do allow for digitizing over top of the data or imagery being viewed.


How do I protect the data in my services?

The data shared in the services are unique to each user group. The service links are assigned a unique token that identifies users and usage within your group. This allows the usage to be viewed by an administrator to ensure no one outside the project is accessing the data and services. The administrator also has the ability to reset the tokens at any time thereby severing access to any users with the previous token information. Each time the token is reset, new service links can be shared with anyone who needs access to the services. MapMart Cloud also tracks the usage of the link to ensure no one outside the approved territories has access to the services.


What types of services are available?

MapMart Cloud offers aerial and satellite imagery services as well as up-to-date road networks, US parcel data, topographic mapping, DEM data, and a variety of other GIS data layers. Nearly all of them are immediately accessible.


How do I access the services?

Accessing the services can be done through any software package that can accept WMS, WFS, or WCS services. Test services and ‘How-to’s for set-up are available here. An account must be set-up to access all of the free and premium services. We also offer the free MapMart Data Discovery tool viewer allowing use of the services.


What software can I use to work with the services?

MapMart Cloud is easily accepted into Esri’s ArcMap within ArcGIS, Global Mapper, AutoCAD Map 3D, GeoGraphix and MapInfo Professional from Pitney Bowes. There are other packages that accept WMS as well. We also offer the MapMart Data Discovery tool for your use as it ties directly into your existing account as well.


How do I set up an account?

Enter your information here to create a new account. Accounts can be loaded with as little as $50 USD to access any number of digital data sets immediately and within your project environment. Accounts and service links can be shared within groups to maximize the usage you get from your account.


How is my account debited using per-click?

MapMart Cloud tracks the views done on particular WMS data sets. Each view debits your account by the amount for that product. Once you have used up a specified amount of your original account balance, you will be notified to refresh your account so you can continue working seamlessly on your project.